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Creativity in Training

tapi keseringan dipake ngomel :D

My BTA8 try out was done last Sunday, and it wasn't my best. Oh well, it's only the first TO anyway, I'm sure I'll get better as time goes by (with more practice, of course).

Now onto different matters. I've been writing a story, and I thought "why not try posting it here and get it reviewed?"
So, here I go... and please review ^__^
(btw, it's in Indonesian)


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Piss here!
I got my school report along with the IQ test yesterday. But I didn't bother to see it yesterday.
And the result pissed me off--more than pissed actually, I'm MIGHTY PISSED OFF.
What the heck did the psycho-agency think anyway? That just because Fransiskus 2 is not a favourable school, then the students enrolled couldn't be smart?

So, say hello to the normal and below average swarm of students!

Agh, it pissed me off.

I had my doubts about the psycho-test, but I didn't think that it would turn out to be crap. The testing procedure was also below standard... And I know that since I've been listening to my mom (who is a top rank psychologist) ever since I'm small.

The range of the IQ test's results clearly displays narrow mindedness. They pinpoint the range into a small scale, grading the highest as 119. I suppose the testers didn't know that there are several transferred students from top schools... Do they take Don Bosco II, BHK and Theresia as possums?

I cannot accept this. The lowest IQ in such schools is >=110. And I know that several of my friends and I couldn't have possibly degrade our brain in one year to that level and below, since we weren't the stupid ones in our respective schools.

Okay, now that's out of my system. Thank God. I have to tell everyone about this tomorrow, I can't stand seeing them so depressed out of crappy makeshift test.
(I lied, maybe it's not completely out of my system, I still rant horribly, and can't help but feeling sorry afterwards because of the harsh words I said)

Well, I won't rant again. Now, I have to stop writing this and get my gears on physics. Tomorrow is the electrical flux and waves' test! Not to mention the upcoming try out in bta8.

As an afterthought: I discovered my junior high bestfriend's blog today! We still keep in touch. She is one of the dearest friends I have :D
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Bridge to Terabithia
I finished my mid term exam yesterday. And I'm free of school this Monday! Yay! :D

And I'd just watched Bridge to Terabithia on Star World's Sunday Night Movies. It was an endearing movie about friendship. The movie portrayed about the life of a lonely boy named Jess Aaron whose life changed after he met a girl named Leslie Burke. Jess was rather the social recluse in his life, by befriending Leslie he learned how to be a better self, and to use his imagination to have fun. As a whole the movie teaches about life morals and friendship. It is a memorable movie and definitely worth my time.

And since I'm too lazy to elaborate further, I'm just going to stop it here heheh.
(And I'm well aware that Terabithia is not a new movie)

I notice that I haven't been writing much lately. It was all due to insufficient time and my purchase of Brisingr.

Again...I bought Brisingr!
Oh, how happy I am. Brisingr is the third book of Inheritance Cycle, in which the preceding books were Eragon and Eldest. It was published on 20th September 2008, but I bought it last Saturday, exactly a week from today. Despite school and all the obligations it entails, I sneak to read all the time, ahaha.
The blasted thing that happened was when I bought the book from Gramedia, I didn't remember that Kelapa Gading Mall has Periplus bookstore (it's quite new, not even a year). So even though I knew of the considerable price difference I still resolved myself to buy it. It was all because I don't think I have time to go to Plaza Indonesia to buy the book. Imagine my surprise when after buying the book I went to the ground floor of the conjunction between Mall 2 and 3, and found Periplus as of mocking me right there!
The price in Gramedia is Rp314.800,00 meanwhile the Aksara and Periplus' price is Rp275.000,00.
Oh well, at least I got the book and I enjoyed reading it. I've finished the book, hehe.

I'm impatient to know how will the conclusion of the story be. So many things are still unanswered in Brisingr that I found myself wishing it's not just 4 books, but 5.
My only disatisfaction about this book is the plot that runs so fast. The whole book, Brisingr is riddled with tension and fast pacing. But I guess it's only fitting since it's nearing the final climax and they are in the middle of a war.

Okay, enough blabbering about Brisingr. This Monday I have my mid term exams. I found my schedule colliding with one another and am getting confused by it.
So, I guess I better start studying.


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Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin
Today's Idul Fitri!
I just want to say "Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin" to all of you :)

This year's Romadhon was filled with many events. Some were happy, and some were not. The Romadhon is the month where everyone shares their good tidings, good will and good deeds. Zakat is one of them. It's a pity what happened to some of the zakat giving  occasions.

Due to the economic imbalance happening in our country, poverty is spreading like a plague. It was not an exaggeration to say that the people hoping to get zakat has increased several times. The government should have expected this kind of thing and made an anticipation, but the fact was disappointing. With those many people, the security should have been reinforced in order to make sure everything would run smoothly. The government's failure in anticipating had caused many lives wasted in vain.

And I feel the most outrageous thing was that someone of good will--giving zakat every year, was apprehended and going to be tried because the abundance of the people queueing for the zakat caused several people to lose their life. It's not his and the staff's fault it happened, they have tried to inforce the security... (That's what I was told)

But the good thing is..
There was less traffic accidents than last year. The road must be better than last year, and the quality of the drivers was improved, first their urine were tested for any suspicious substance before they were allowed to drive.

Throughout this year, I think there has been some improvement despite everything. May the God be with us and guide us toward a better year.

Happy Idul Fitri!

Haha :D
I'm happy. I had just celebrated my 17th birthday in Hanamasa with my school friends. We chit chatted for a long time (from lunch until almost buka puasa). I had to be a nomad though, since there were friends from SMP Tarakanita 4, SMA Theresia & Fransiskus 2. It was memorable.
I really enjoyed catching up with all the things I missed in Theresia, there were so many funny moments that I wished I could have seen. Catching up with my junior high friends was very enjoyable too, mostly we talked about social and general things.
Unfortunately, some of my highschool friends weren't able to come, so as from Theresia. One of them lost his handphone in a hurry to come to the event, I feel kind of guilty for having the event that caused him his handphone. Because of that, he was grounded by his parents.

Ow yeah, I also bought a lot of dvd's when the others had gone home. I got many from my long time search dvd's list.

The presents? Oh, I like them all :D

P.S. My cat returned during the evening, what a relief.

Ran Away Cat
The day was looking up.. I got home early since it turned out there was no extra session in school, and tomorrow is the beginning of my 10 day holiday.
The AC in my parent's room were being fixed, so there was some people in and out the house, and someone's working on the roof with the fan... The door to the roof was left wide open...
And it seemed like one of my cats, Yupi took that chance to go out. Yupi was always the adventurous one, he liked going outside the house but usually comes back after an hour outside. It has been 5 hours and still no sign of Yupi returning.. Where is he?? :'(
I've spent hours calling for him, in hopes that he might just hear me and return.

Please, please return, Yupi....

Heart broken..
Okay, chronically...
Yesterday I upgraded my Firefox from to Firefox 3.. After the installation I found out that the real player, Skype, Download Accelerator plugins and the ratemyserver toolbar could not be used. I was considering to uninstall it and reinstall the previous version, but I decided against it.

Today my class' schedule was changed since the chemistry teacher was absent, so it was substituted by physics! Four consecutive hours of physics, my head was spinning with all the vectors and magnetic fields. Usually it was once a week (Wednesday have 4 hours of physics), so I got 4 consecutive hours of physics twice this week.
And later on I found out another Firefox 3's exasperating trait. No bookmarks!! Argh! Usually when I upgrade firefox, it doesn't wipe out all of the bookmarks, cache, login passwords' data. All of the bookmarks I've collected in 5/6 years, gone in one day :'(

Oh yeah, the good news are...
I have two perfect scores for physics test, the others are good, but not 100.
I got 9 for math.
I got 100 for chemistry.
I got 8 for biology.
And thank God I'm still alive, healthy and happy.

I have to stop with all the unlucky happenings....

When Mosquitoes Attack...
Church... 6.15 PM...
The Mosquitoes were very aggressive! I've never seen them this aggressive... It seemed like they came in waves, one second they weren't there, and the next they were everywhere.
Imagine you were in a room filled with butterflies, only this time try to change the butterflies with mosquitoes.
Even all the other people were slapping those mosquitoes...

And another thing that happened to me, today in RO, I got a rare item from a boss monster, but a damn puny looter took it... Damn.

The good news,
My class got 4th place in volley during today's class meeting. Funny that, since none of us can play volley hahaha. It's all thanks to the helpers we got (they're from other classes since my class is lacking players, they were really good).

Ergh... my stomach..
I've fallen sick again... *sigh*
My stomach started acting up this morning during school. I think it's "maag." Maybe I can't stand the AC blasting off full power all the time... why must classes have AC in them??

Oh, and I screwed my physics test. It wasn't hard... I can do all of it, but I wrote the wrong question...

Today's one of my life's downhill.... hope tomorrow will be all different :)