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Rainy and Sunny Days Come in Turns :D
So, it turned out that my math score has greatly improved although not as good as it was before. And my physics only decreased slightly. Thank God :D

Today is "Rabu Abu", the beginning of Easter's advent. I went to the St. Theresia church this morning with my mother. Since I'm free from school today, I initially planned to sleep my day out, haha. The church is located next to St. Theresia School, my old school. I've had my suspicions that I might run in to someone I know from the school, and I did. I was about to come out from the church by using the left door, and there she was...  Ferdinanda Ngao, the headmistress and nun at St. Theresia School. I didn't like her, so even though I'm not sure she knows me, I turned around and used the other door. I then waited for my friends to come out from school and go in to the church, but they didn't come out. It turned out that the 3rd years are having their try out today.

I texted someone who sells comics to ask if he/she still have Harlem Beat, Slam Dunk, SamuraiX and Marichan Silver Toe Shoes to sell. What a pity, Slam Dunk and Harlem beat had been sold to someone just recently. So I decided to go online again and look on the EMO forum to see if anyone else have them to sell. Yet, I ended up writing synopsis for Winnetou I and had barely started on Brisingr's. It's been quite a time since I read Brisingr (in rush at the time since I was going to face my exams), and need to rehash my memories about it. I posted the synopsis for Winnetou I on and I don't know whether it would be accepted, though I hope it would be. Chances are, it will be, since the other synopsis I've written (The Sea of Trolls and Tunnels) were accepted.

Okay, since I have been too lazy to continually update the blog (hehe), I haven't wrote about the incident last Sunday...

Sunday, 22 February 2009. Bta8's scheduled try out for SIMAK UI. My friend, Eliza is having her entry exam in Trisakti, so I didn't know whether she could come to bta8 or not. I did the IPA competency exam without realizing something very fatal. My copy wasn't complete. The chemistry section should have have 15 questions, but I only saw 6 and didn't think much about it except "Strange, how can it be so few questions for chemistry? Shouldn't it be 15 questions to each sections?"

Argh, how could I've been that careless? I blame it on my long name... It took me more than the appointed time to circle the computerized answer sheet. "Josephine Maria Iwo" is 17 letters... It made me a bit conscious about the seconds ticking by while I circled my name. And voila! I forgot to check my question copy sheet.

Thanks to Monica (usually she attends the morning bta8 session), a SMAK I student, I realized what a grave mistake I made. I told the class counselor about it and she arranged for me to do the chemistry I missed out.

Guess what? I decided to abandaon the "don't know don't circle" tactic for once. I got less than 5 correct answers for Indonesian Language from more than 15 questions I answered XD

I went home feeling very strange and maybe slightly humored. Since the rain hadn't stopped from the afternoon, fortunateIy it had let down to a drizzle when I arrived back at home at around 6 PM. I was only slightly wet.
Strange, I saw my house was still dark and all the lights are off, it should've been on around that time.
My driver asked me, "Is there anyone home?"

I was a bit confused, but I was still sure that someone is home. "There should be. Mbak Ita and Rene (my brother) should be home." Thus I was dropped off in front of the house and the driver drove away to Atma Jaya to pick my mom up from a certain event which I don't know anything about (so I can't explain it ahaha). Thank God I brought my umbrella with me that day.

I shouted loudly several times and even banged on the door and the window to no avail. There was no one answering my calls either (Mbak Ita didn't even have one, she says that she was tired of having one). And from the window I could see that my brother left his handphone on the table. Darn! The air was cold, the rain was still falling, I was wet and my bagful of books was weighing down on my shoulder (I was wearing a sling bag).

I looked around in case my mom or Mbak Ita left the keys outside for me to use, but I couldn't find it. So I stand there alone in front of the door for around one hour until my dad came home from a golfing trip to Emeralda. He faced the same dilemma as me, hahaha. Eventually we decided to go out and eat since it was late. So I texted my mom and Rene in case he woke up. I also told him to feed the cats ASAP (they were hungry but I couldn't do anything from outside).

My mom finally returned our calls during our dinner. She said that Mbak Ita was out and Rene was supposed to be there to open the door for us when we got back home. She also said that Ita has returned and now are waiting there. Therefore we went back home immediately after we finished dinner. My dad decided to bang on the window too, but he chose the back window which he reached from our neighbor's house.

Not long after I saw the lights beong turned on. I thought, "Finally Rene's woken up!"
How wrong was that... It was Mbak Ita who crept into the house through the neighbor's roof (the house on the left of my house is empty). Sneaky Ita XD

So that's the story.

Oh yeah, while I was typing this I also checked my email. Guess what?? I won the contest to gain free book from Matahati Publisher! I got The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Way of the Warrior!! Wooohooo!!

I'm so happy :D

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My eyes hurt...
I'm a bit worried about my declining scores. My physics and chemistry are still looking up, but my math is rapidly decreasing. I need to keep all of the science majors' scores above 8.0. My math score is in danger > <

Today's TO was physics and biology. I was so sleepy that I couldn't think straight and end up messing the first half of the test. *Crud!*
And during the biology test I blanked out again. I couldn't even remember which is anteridium and arkegonium!
Oh well, I can't help but feeling my heavy eyelids all day long. I need some sleep but I can't sleep. My body demands and also rejects it.

Sigh, at least I accomplished several things this week:
Made Crepes a la Kebab successfully for mom's birthday (although the chocolate cookies were too bitter, so I guess it counts as "failure").
Reread Nodame Cantabile.
Read Karl May's Kara Ben Nemsi novels.
Order antique books and comics! (Tom Clancy novels from BukuDedo and Elex Media old comics such as Mirage and Harlem Beat from the Elex Media Online Forum, all with very pleasant price! :D)
Eat KFC and Bakmi Jaya.
Regain my math scores (I managed to pull off my latest math TO. Yay!)
Reread the fics "Manifestations" and "Realizations" (authored by: Isiscw).
Downloaded Nodame's pics.
Watch Nodame on Animax.
My synopsis on the novel "Tunnels" got accepted by

The "Going Down the Hill" events this week:
My college enrollment and accomodation matters are getting more and more complicated.
My ID at got blocked! Since I forgot to send a self introducing letter containing my profiles *sob*
I found out that the antique books of Karl May have been sold out! Or being sold at a high price.
My lotteries for free book from BukaBuku turned out to be 'not my lucky number'.

I can't think of anything anymore. I'm burned out.

I need some sleep.

Loony Bin
Okay, it's official. My life has taken a drastic turn. From the steady flow to a rapid rush.
First, I suddenly have half a year to prepare for my departure to Australia rather than the initially planned one year. Second, I got pressured to improve my grades again since I've stooped to FR's level (I have no intention of underestimating my school, merely stating the facts considering many of my classmates don't seem bothered by their scores). Third, I'm running my thoughts away from those frightening aspects (at least to me) to books and comics. Fourth, this Friday I will have 6 hours of physics lesson at school due to poor scheduling from the school, plus my own private physics lesson with Pak Nico after school. Oh, joy.

I tried to take a placement test for IELTS last Saturday. The result is as expected, not very high, hahaha. The CD I was listening for my listening section was broken which broke my concentration, and I don't quite have the right ears for British accent. At least not yet.
What shocked me the most is the Grammar score. Guess, I got 8.0!! I would've never thought...  :-O
For the other scores I got 5.0 or 5.5.

And now about today, physics lesson for 5 hours (yeah, you guessed right. My brain was stormed by formulas and calculations). And I was multitasking for chemistry and physics today, meaning I was doing double practice--working on two practice sheets rather than one, ceremoniously. My table was strewn about by books by the end of school hour XD
I got abnormally high scores for my physics and chemistry's first try out.

Several to-dos tonight:
1. E-mail Mbak Elsa for my accommodation and visa matter.
2. Order Winnetou antiquities and antique comics (especially Mirage).
3. Watch Star-Wars the Clone Wars animated (DVD) and Nodame Cantabile (on Animax).
4. Read Kara Ben Nemsi II.
5. Study preparation.
6. Sleep early.
7. Don't forget to eat properly.
8. Think some more about my mother's birthday present and plan ahead.
9. Try not to think too much about the looming student duties.
10. Try to liberate myself from the setting panic.

Okay, better go. I have to done all of them before 11 PM.

"Ich weiss keinen besseren Lebenszweck als am Grossen und Unmöglichkeit zu Grunde gehen." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Shoot! I transferred the wrong amount in order to pay for the aforementioned book order (see the previous post).
I forgot that until 31 Jan 09, the shipping fee is freed!! If only I'd remembered that sooner, I could have ordered more books without comparing the total sum to other sites..
I still haven't ordered Kara Ben Nemsi II :(

Oh well, it just means that I have to be even more more careful next time.

I also ordered other books (Menjelajah Negeri Karl May, Kara Ben Nemsi I, and Breaking Dawn) together with my friend, Yohanna who ordered Breaking Dawn too.

One more thing, I'm supposed to receive my result for Trinity College English Test today either by email or text message, but I haven't received it even now!

After a long day...
Saturday, Jan 24th 2009 -- the Mathropolitan Contest's day.
We (from the 3rd year were only me and Nael, the others were from 2nd year, there were 6 people in total with 2 boys and 4 girls) were chosen as competitors, so even though it's a 3 day holiday, we all have to go to the competition (in UNIKA Atma Jaya) at the morning... almost like normal school day. I wanted to sleep in :(

It could be sad that I didn't study, heheheh. But the result was not that bad, we got 31st place from 59 teams (the 1st-30th place get to continue to the semi finals). Nael and I left many unanswered since we couldn't do it fast enough (we could have used the "cap cip cup" method, but we didn't). The first round was easy enough, but we were completely defeated by the second round's questions.

Anyway, there's no harm in failing this one, since the semi finals is in Feb, and we're having TOs around that time. We weren't even aiming to win from the beginning.

Dick Anson, the other boy has a loud mouth.... But he is a nice person, and maybe a little too comical. Dame was really nice, she is polite and she even provided us with the transportation.

And of course, I couldn't get Winnetou out from my sight :)
I brought it along and read it there hehe

Notes of other events today:
- Yohanna called when Tantra was there with her (I think in Gading?)
- Still waiting for the results of my Trinity English Test I took yesterday
- Ordered other Karl May's books from (Anak Pemburu Beruang - Llano Estacado Package, Kara Ben Nemsi II, Old Surehand I, Gurun & Prairie I)


A Quick Word
Just one thing...


I've heard about it from my parents. They praised it highly which made me curious about it, so I ordered the four books and started reading it. It was amazing! I couldn't help myself but bringing the book everywhere, anytime! Just like what happened to my parents back when they read it.

I'm totally enthralled by the book. The story, the characters, the descriptions, and just about the whole book!! Karl May is a creative genius in writing stories!!

The link to the prologue in the first book

The first chapter in the first book

The rest can be found in the

I'm going to find out if there are more Karl May's books out there in the book store! Let's start tracking!!! :D


Down Graded
I received my grade evaluation report today. The grades are messed up! Especially the ones from SAS... it down-graded my grades in more than one subject! Argh, the system is supposed to make the grades higher than the originals, but in my and several other's cases, it is the opposite.
And how the hell could English Comprehension be 53% while the Expression is 97%?? That's not even possible, since to be able to express and responding correctly, first comprehension is needed...
Aaargh... and to think that somehow I got 75 for English... that's irrational considering I've scored more than 600 in TOEFL...

Sometimes, I think that transferring to Fransiskus was a mistake. But I should always look at the bright side, maybe my coming there was meant to do something... perhaps an impact of somekind? I wouldn't know, only God would.
The final decision is to abandon IPB and try to get the scholarship to Australia. So, it could be said that I transferred to Fransiskus for nothing since my goal when transferring there is to get the full scholarship to Japan (which I abandoned even earlier). I just hope that I would be able to find the silver-lining in all of this... there must be some meaning in it, if not God would not have hinted me so strongly to transfer there.

About the speech contest with Jakarta College this Friday... I won.
The funny thing happened afterward the contest. Nael and Yohanna said in agreement;
Yohanna : See I told you, you would be the first winner.
Nael : If she didn't, I would bang my head on the floor.
Yohhana : Yeah, that's right.

I found that highly amusing... lol.

Another conversation that I found amusing happened several days ago between my mother and brother, Rene;
Rene : Mom, can I skip school tomorrow?
---short silence---
Rene: I love you
Mom : *lol*

We all burst out laughing when he added "I love you".
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There's an English speech competition at FR in 3 days... and I haven't done any preparations at all. Sigh, truthfully, I don't feel like doing it.
Tomorrow is the deadline for collecting the texts. So far, I haven't even opened MS Word, haha.

My conserta dose went up again... Here comes the no-appetite-days again. Sometimes, being an ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) sucks. But I guess that's me, and more oft than not, I enjoy being an ADHD. Yeah, even though it means lack of concentration and other indicators in the same spectrum.

And I just found out about something... my brother showed me where Indonesia is being bashed around by Malaysian. I can't understand why people wouldn't give up those kind of petty verbal agressions. I believe that kind of behaviour is called as "obnoxious."

Speaking of my brother, he finally got the iPod he dreamed of. There was a sale for Apple Products until last Sunday, so he dragged me and our parents all the way out to Sen-Ci to buy it. I got something too, we bought a set of PS2 so my brother and I can exercise (I mean DDR) at home. The rules regarding it are strict, since we weren't allowed to have PS before (afraid that we would play uncontrollably).
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Watergate Crisis? lol
Ahaha... Yesterday was quite shocking. The water was rapidly overflowing making me, mom and the house helpers panic. It was kind of scary, seeing the water overflowing from the toilet like that...

I thought we're having clean water crisis now? :DCollapse )
Back to myself...
My latest obsession: Gundam 00, Toward the Terra, Soul Eater, Nabari no Ou.
Oh yeah, I passed all the exams in school. But I cannot help but regret over the small mistakes I made during the exams... I could have higher scores!! :(
My brother's room got locked and could not be opened even by using the key, strange huh? That was a big problem since his daily school must is in there (uniforms, books, etc). I guess I got lucky because the door opened for me when I try it. Hahaha >:D
My progress in games... still RO. I'm trying to get my homunculus to have a higher level and aiming lvl 99 for my alchemist.

Er, just another dawdle?
I attended my friend's 17th birthday party last Saturday. It was a memorable event, I haven't seen all of my friends for more than several months and getting to meet them all in such a joyous occasion was just surreal :)
The party itself was fun, except for the part when I was terrorized by popping balloons. It's not that I'm afraid of balloons, but rather I don't like it when it's popped right in front of me.
If only I didn't have to go to church the next morning, I would have stayed the night with every body at the hotel... T__T
Oh yeah, my friend, Cathy had her party in the Grand Tropic Hotel on the pool side. The invitation was endearing--the photograph of her pommeranian white dog.

A bit about my latest anime obsession:
Gundam 00 (The latest Gundam series, takes place in our universe but different time frame)
Toward the Terra (The newly remade sci-fi Toward the Terra TV animation, it's only 24epi, but still top notch)

About my on-going project, Changeling;
Okay, so I got some good feedbacks concerning the prologue. Thank you so much for those feedbacks, I really need them!
Please give me your critics and comments again!
Here you go, the continuation of Changeling, the first chapter...


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