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Creativity in Training

tapi keseringan dipake ngomel :D

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Down Graded
I received my grade evaluation report today. The grades are messed up! Especially the ones from SAS... it down-graded my grades in more than one subject! Argh, the system is supposed to make the grades higher than the originals, but in my and several other's cases, it is the opposite.
And how the hell could English Comprehension be 53% while the Expression is 97%?? That's not even possible, since to be able to express and responding correctly, first comprehension is needed...
Aaargh... and to think that somehow I got 75 for English... that's irrational considering I've scored more than 600 in TOEFL...

Sometimes, I think that transferring to Fransiskus was a mistake. But I should always look at the bright side, maybe my coming there was meant to do something... perhaps an impact of somekind? I wouldn't know, only God would.
The final decision is to abandon IPB and try to get the scholarship to Australia. So, it could be said that I transferred to Fransiskus for nothing since my goal when transferring there is to get the full scholarship to Japan (which I abandoned even earlier). I just hope that I would be able to find the silver-lining in all of this... there must be some meaning in it, if not God would not have hinted me so strongly to transfer there.

About the speech contest with Jakarta College this Friday... I won.
The funny thing happened afterward the contest. Nael and Yohanna said in agreement;
Yohanna : See I told you, you would be the first winner.
Nael : If she didn't, I would bang my head on the floor.
Yohhana : Yeah, that's right.

I found that highly amusing... lol.

Another conversation that I found amusing happened several days ago between my mother and brother, Rene;
Rene : Mom, can I skip school tomorrow?
---short silence---
Rene: I love you
Mom : *lol*

We all burst out laughing when he added "I love you".
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