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Creativity in Training

tapi keseringan dipake ngomel :D

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There's an English speech competition at FR in 3 days... and I haven't done any preparations at all. Sigh, truthfully, I don't feel like doing it.
Tomorrow is the deadline for collecting the texts. So far, I haven't even opened MS Word, haha.

My conserta dose went up again... Here comes the no-appetite-days again. Sometimes, being an ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) sucks. But I guess that's me, and more oft than not, I enjoy being an ADHD. Yeah, even though it means lack of concentration and other indicators in the same spectrum.

And I just found out about something... my brother showed me http://www.topix.com/ where Indonesia is being bashed around by Malaysian. I can't understand why people wouldn't give up those kind of petty verbal agressions. I believe that kind of behaviour is called as "obnoxious."

Speaking of my brother, he finally got the iPod he dreamed of. There was a sale for Apple Products until last Sunday, so he dragged me and our parents all the way out to Sen-Ci to buy it. I got something too, we bought a set of PS2 so my brother and I can exercise (I mean DDR) at home. The rules regarding it are strict, since we weren't allowed to have PS before (afraid that we would play uncontrollably).
Anime:Nabari no Ou. Made during computer lesson at school using CorelDraw11's bezier tool. Still needs major improvement.
WWF logo. This one's older. Made carelessly because I was in a hurry.