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Creativity in Training

tapi keseringan dipake ngomel :D

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Watergate Crisis? lol
Ahaha... Yesterday was quite shocking. The water was rapidly overflowing making me, mom and the house helpers panic. It was kind of scary, seeing the water overflowing from the toilet like that...

I watched Discovery Channel's Ecopolis last week and found it very useful and promising for the future. I only watch one episode, but I found two topics out of 4 were very memorable; the technology to produce clean water out of sewages, and the technology to convert sound waves into energy.

The tech to produce clean water was already practiced in California's LA. The sewages came from the filtered wastes from the sea, and was refiltered using some hi-tec filtration that even the microbacterias and virus can not go unnoticed. It caused the water to sometimes be even fresher and cleaner than the water from natural resources. One more great thing about it is that this technology help to reduce the carbon emission from the electricity used to pump water from the far south to LA by 1/3.

Sound waves can be converted to energy for freezer?! Heck, I don't think it was already possible, although in theory I understand that it is possible. It was developed in New York by Q Drive Co if I'm not mistaken. They managed to make a small mechanism which is able to produce sound waves up to 180db (it's like having a roaring jet plane right beside you) but not causing any sound outside of its container at all. And I think the temperature can go below 100 C degree (I forgot). The advantages of having this kind of freezer is eliminating the need to service or even buy a new fridge as all regular fridge does. It also doesn't need need any of the thingamajig (I mean all the numeorus electronic something) inside and harm free because there's no need to use chemical substance at all. No CFC! That means lesser progress of global warming. The only problem is the price, US $10.000, makes the US' military as its consumer. But maybe in the future, it wont be so :)
Back to myself...
My latest obsession: Gundam 00, Toward the Terra, Soul Eater, Nabari no Ou.
Oh yeah, I passed all the exams in school. But I cannot help but regret over the small mistakes I made during the exams... I could have higher scores!! :(
My brother's room got locked and could not be opened even by using the key, strange huh? That was a big problem since his daily school must is in there (uniforms, books, etc). I guess I got lucky because the door opened for me when I try it. Hahaha >:D
My progress in games... still RO. I'm trying to get my homunculus to have a higher level and aiming lvl 99 for my alchemist.