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Creativity in Training

tapi keseringan dipake ngomel :D

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Okay, Saturday is a good day for me (mostly since it's free of school).

I hand washed my clothes today, and missed washing one item again as last week. Mom called to ascertain the things I want to be sent and since I gave a wrong description she got mad.

I went out to look for a warm jacket that is water proof. I went around the QV Square looking for one until I finally got one in Jeanswest in Melbourne Central. It was the last jacket available since it was on sale (thank God I got the last one!). While I was there I also bought another woolen jumper since winter is not going anywhere for at least another month and a half, and then there's spring with its unpredictable weather of cold, rain and warm. Both are priced 60AUD each. It's a lot cheaper than the others I found (although the others were really wonderful).

I met with Intan and went to the movies together to watch Transformers 2. Cool movie! :)
We smuggled KFC hehehe.

Okay, about my roommate:
She went back last Thursday. She is 23 years old. I'm disturbed by the fact that she invited her boyfriend to her room until night came. But I am grateful to her since she gave me permission to use her broadband plan instead since she isn't using it. It's 3 broadbland plan of 6GB/month for 40AUD. All I have to do is to repay her money. Nice, so I don't have to go to the state library everytime I want to go online.