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Oh, joy
Yiihhaaa no more school~
I've been enjoying a week without school, free from homeworks, exams, assignments, and everything school related!

During this past week, I've been learning to do household chores, particularly cooking. I can do all the other chores except this one. I could only cook rice, noodles and eggs before, now I can make steak, fried rice, soups, etc! This'll surely come in handy for my study abroad.

I've also been dilligently writing fanfiction, especially for D.Gray-Man since I'm having another hype about it. It's been a long time since I really hyped up to DGM. And only recently did I start writing fanfic about it. I posted my work both on and on dgrayman .
In approximately three weeks, I've written 9 chapters for A Peek into Cross Marian's Mind, Aria of a Broken Doll, Between Sanity and Insanity, Wrong, and A Mix of Black and White.

And I love every review I got for them.

This fanfic spree got to do with the hiatus DGM is undergoing. Again.

Now onto other things:
My brainwave today was quite good. All I have to do is watch what I eat. Hope this neurofeedback therapy works well for me. Rene tag along for the teraphy.
Oh yeah! I forgot that my alergy therapy appointment today was moved to 9 AM! I slept through it!
Mom saw my driving for the first time after I started learning to drive.
I'm going out to eat with my high school friends tomorrow and take my photo taken for visa requirements.
The books I ordered (Spook's Apprentice, Ranger's Apprentice 1, Treasure of Genghis Khan, Demon in the Teahouse) arrived today.
I've decided to get the medical health check up next monday.
I just remembered that I haven't posted A Mix of Black and White in LJ.


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