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Very Content :)
I went to Gramedia Book Fair on KTC Hypermart today (lately, my life's all about books hehe). There are quite a few number of books and comics, but still not up to my expectation. At least I got Imperium by Robert Harris, and a friend of mine got himself The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
During my trip there, I ventured to the upper floors as well in a self assigned quest to look for a bookstore. I found a bookstore which specializes in selling imported books under priced! The most expensive is Rp 100.000,00! Imagine that...
And imagine my surprise when I go to Leksika Bookstore after my trip to Hypermart, I found that Leksika is also having a book fair. All things discounted for 15-70% (+5% for members). I almost want to throw caution to the air and just do a happy jig hahah.

Well, I'm too lazy to prolong this entry since I'm rereading D.Gray-Man. Ciao.
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