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tapi keseringan dipake ngomel :D

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Yesterday my book orders arrived. Two packages, one was "Mustang Hitam" (2 books) and the other was "Raja Minyak" (3 books).
There's only one left, "Menuju Daerah Silver Lion". All are Karl May's writings and published by Pradnya Paramita.

List of things/events in this week:
My third try out's results were great.
I bought four books of Brisingr with a special discount (three of them are my friends').
Began blogging in BukuKita Blog (especially about Karl May).
Ordered Karl May's books (Mustang Hitam, Raja Minyak & Menuju Daerah Silver Lion).
What!? Bta on Monday (Nyepi Holiday).
Two of my book packages arrived.
Finished The Mysterious Benedict Society and began reading Raja Minyak.

Agh.. I'm too lazy to write, my eyelids are heavy. I need to sleep.
Sorry, 'm going to keep it short.. going to sleep.
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