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Creativity in Training

tapi keseringan dipake ngomel :D

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My eyes hurt...
I'm a bit worried about my declining scores. My physics and chemistry are still looking up, but my math is rapidly decreasing. I need to keep all of the science majors' scores above 8.0. My math score is in danger > <

Today's TO was physics and biology. I was so sleepy that I couldn't think straight and end up messing the first half of the test. *Crud!*
And during the biology test I blanked out again. I couldn't even remember which is anteridium and arkegonium!
Oh well, I can't help but feeling my heavy eyelids all day long. I need some sleep but I can't sleep. My body demands and also rejects it.

Sigh, at least I accomplished several things this week:
Made Crepes a la Kebab successfully for mom's birthday (although the chocolate cookies were too bitter, so I guess it counts as "failure").
Reread Nodame Cantabile.
Read Karl May's Kara Ben Nemsi novels.
Order antique books and comics! (Tom Clancy novels from BukuDedo and Elex Media old comics such as Mirage and Harlem Beat from the Elex Media Online Forum, all with very pleasant price! :D)
Eat KFC and Bakmi Jaya.
Regain my math scores (I managed to pull off my latest math TO. Yay!)
Reread the fics "Manifestations" and "Realizations" (authored by: Isiscw).
Downloaded Nodame's pics.
Watch Nodame on Animax.
My synopsis on the novel "Tunnels" got accepted by BukuKita.com.

The "Going Down the Hill" events this week:
My college enrollment and accomodation matters are getting more and more complicated.
My ID at IndoKarlMay.com got blocked! Since I forgot to send a self introducing letter containing my profiles *sob*
I found out that the antique books of Karl May have been sold out! Or being sold at a high price.
My lotteries for free book from BukaBuku turned out to be 'not my lucky number'.

I can't think of anything anymore. I'm burned out.

I need some sleep.