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Creativity in Training

tapi keseringan dipake ngomel :D

Okay, Saturday is a good day for me (mostly since it's free of school).

I hand washed my clothes today, and missed washing one item again as last week. Mom called to ascertain the things I want to be sent and since I gave a wrong description she got mad.

I went out to look for a warm jacket that is water proof. I went around the QV Square looking for one until I finally got one in Jeanswest in Melbourne Central. It was the last jacket available since it was on sale (thank God I got the last one!). While I was there I also bought another woolen jumper since winter is not going anywhere for at least another month and a half, and then there's spring with its unpredictable weather of cold, rain and warm. Both are priced 60AUD each. It's a lot cheaper than the others I found (although the others were really wonderful).

I met with Intan and went to the movies together to watch Transformers 2. Cool movie! :)
We smuggled KFC hehehe.

Okay, about my roommate:
She went back last Thursday. She is 23 years old. I'm disturbed by the fact that she invited her boyfriend to her room until night came. But I am grateful to her since she gave me permission to use her broadband plan instead since she isn't using it. It's 3 broadbland plan of 6GB/month for 40AUD. All I have to do is to repay her money. Nice, so I don't have to go to the state library everytime I want to go online.

Okay, so I'm still on Jakarta's time (can't sleep and then waking up late in the morning).
I went to report to Trinity College today and got lost many many times on the way. The map didn't help me much. Urgh, my feet are a bit sore from walking the whole day. A lady was very nice and helpful to me, she gave me directions to Trinity and then when I met her again on my way back, she gave me a lift to the street I'm currently staying at.

Not only to Trinity and Mel U, I also went to HSBC and then to the market. Holy, I must've walked the same mileage as when in Europe!

I think that maybe I can finally continue writing as my homesickness has lessened considerably.

Gotta go before it gets too dark outside (can't access the internet in the library earlier than this seeing as it was full).

Okay, this is my second day in Melbourne. Honestly, I was so homesick yesterday because of the lack of activities. But now I finally find a free wifi access! Yippeee!
The weather here is cold, not to mention the darned wind. It made me hurrying along the street and then when I enter a building I'd sweat.

One more thing, I don't think I can continue writing in this condition. I'm gonna have to take a rest for a while (although new ideas have already been popping in and out of my mind).
Oops time to go get dinner. Maybe later. In Jakarta time it's still 3 PM (in Melb it's 6 PM).

I really miss my cats!
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Tomorrow is my departure day!
Oh God...
Packing is a pain,
Baggage weight limit is annoying,
And saying goodbye again and again is too hard.
With no time to really have fun,
Is there any chance to write?
May my trip be safe
And hopefully I'll manage there

Arrgh my stress came out the strange way. What the heck is up with that prose?

Anyway, before I forgot yesterday when I was returning home from my cousin's wedding luncheon we (mom, dad and I) saw what we called "penjambretan dari motor". It happened to someone in a bajaj in front of our car. At first we were puzzled and aghast when the one who tried to snatch fell of the motor and almost got hit by the bajaj. The guy's friend rode on, and soon the guy who was left out on the road was picked up by another motor with two people on it, most probably his friends.

I've heard the same thing happened to my chemistry teacher. She lost her bag and monthly salary because she was snatched when she was in a bajaj (her finger also got hurt because it was stuck on the handle of her bag). I never thought I'd witness the same thing.
How dangerous Indonesia is sometimes. We shan't let our guard down.

Many people are desperate to do that kind of things. But I don't think I can fully blame them for what they did. All they want is to live, but poverty drove them to do unthinkable things. My blame goes back to the system and those who operate it wrongly. Those self absorbed corupting higher ups should be fired and punished severely. It wont be easy to fix the situations in Indonesia.

Sigh, anyway now that I'm actually playing on my computer, I need to rearrange the data I'll be bringing with me to Australia.
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Oh, joy
Yiihhaaa no more school~
I've been enjoying a week without school, free from homeworks, exams, assignments, and everything school related!

During this past week, I've been learning to do household chores, particularly cooking. I can do all the other chores except this one. I could only cook rice, noodles and eggs before, now I can make steak, fried rice, soups, etc! This'll surely come in handy for my study abroad.

I've also been dilligently writing fanfiction, especially for D.Gray-Man since I'm having another hype about it. It's been a long time since I really hyped up to DGM. And only recently did I start writing fanfic about it. I posted my work both on fanfiction.net and on dgrayman .
In approximately three weeks, I've written 9 chapters for A Peek into Cross Marian's Mind, Aria of a Broken Doll, Between Sanity and Insanity, Wrong, and A Mix of Black and White.

And I love every review I got for them.

This fanfic spree got to do with the hiatus DGM is undergoing. Again.

Now onto other things:
My brainwave today was quite good. All I have to do is watch what I eat. Hope this neurofeedback therapy works well for me. Rene tag along for the teraphy.
Oh yeah! I forgot that my alergy therapy appointment today was moved to 9 AM! I slept through it!
Mom saw my driving for the first time after I started learning to drive.
I'm going out to eat with my high school friends tomorrow and take my photo taken for visa requirements.
The books I ordered (Spook's Apprentice, Ranger's Apprentice 1, Treasure of Genghis Khan, Demon in the Teahouse) arrived today.
I've decided to get the medical health check up next monday.
I just remembered that I haven't posted A Mix of Black and White in LJ.

Final National Examinations
Tomorrow is the last examination day! Hurraayy! The subject for tomorrow is Chemistry.
Today's subject, physics, was by far the easiest of all the other subjects I've done (Indonesian, English, Bio, Maths). But there were three questions with errors. So, I'm not sure whether I got that three down correctly, since I've had to do a little tweaking and manipulation on the questions to do it. When I ask it to my friends, they agreed that there were errors on those questions.

So, now I'm extremely happy. The only thing tarnishing my happy glow was some of the things that happened yesterday. This is what happened yesterday:
----the bad part----
1. woke up, stomach feeling slightly upset
2. go to school too early and have to wait for almost an hour before allowed to enter the classroom
3. circled the wrong ones for my name on the computerized answer sheet, twice!
4. after half an hour, my stomach started acting up and broke my concentration for the rest of the maths exam
5. forgot to write the exam code on my manual answer sheet
6. my stomach hurts!
7. the stomach ache continued until late afternoon.
----now the good part----
1. I can do the exam quite well in spite of my stomach
2. I answered 34 out of 40 (although idk if it's correct or not).
3. the stories I wrote and posted got positive responses (hey, I'm still a newbie so there's no harm in rejoicing, right?)

Oh well, I'm going back to writing my stories now, since the BukuKita blog was unaccessible from my computer (my antivirus said that the URL was infected by trojan and thus blocked it). I want to finish one story before I have to go to my chemistry teacher to prepare for tomorrow.


Oops, actually I have more photoshop designs to post... but I'm too lazy to do it now.

Very Content :)
I went to Gramedia Book Fair on KTC Hypermart today (lately, my life's all about books hehe). There are quite a few number of books and comics, but still not up to my expectation. At least I got Imperium by Robert Harris, and a friend of mine got himself The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
During my trip there, I ventured to the upper floors as well in a self assigned quest to look for a bookstore. I found a bookstore which specializes in selling imported books under priced! The most expensive is Rp 100.000,00! Imagine that...
And imagine my surprise when I go to Leksika Bookstore after my trip to Hypermart, I found that Leksika is also having a book fair. All things discounted for 15-70% (+5% for members). I almost want to throw caution to the air and just do a happy jig hahah.

Well, I'm too lazy to prolong this entry since I'm rereading D.Gray-Man. Ciao.
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Last Saturday was the day of the Earth Hour! I had fun :) I certainly hope it can help to reduce the global warming effects.

And not just that, I also went to Gramedia Kelapa Gading Mall on the afternoon. Discount 30%! But thanks to my book shopping spree, I'm currently broke.
And today, there's Gramedia Book Fair for 30-80% discount at Palmerah Barat from 1-5 April!
The rest of the book fairs' schedule and places could be seen on www.bazarbuku.com
It's a helpful site :)

Karl May's teenage novels have been published: Raja Minyak, Harta Karun di Danau Perak, Mustang Hitam.
Shoot... I'd just bought the old version using the old spellings and grammar :(
But oh well...

I daresay that I'm a bad student now... I barely listened to my teacher when I already understands the subject and read novels... or writing, drawing, anything. That's what happen when I read an interesting novel... And Gideon the Cutpurse is definitely interesting.
Speaking of books, my friend, Yohanna won the free book quiz from Matahati! She got the Spook's Apprentince. I want that book too hehe, I'm gonna buy it today :)

Well, gotta go... I'm going to the book fair in less than 10 minutes and then I'm going to visit a friend from Theresia high. She caught dengue fever and currently hospitalized in Mitra Kemayoran Hospital. Hope she gets well soon!

P.S. I'm going to start posting my stories again anytime soon since I've been writing actively again

PE Exam?!
P.E. or Physical edu.

I like the subject, but I don't like to learn all about it. Why the heck must we--high school students get exams about it when we don't even have theory courses concerning P.E.? The government had erased this policy when I graduated junior high, but all of the sudden they decided to reuse it? Make up your mind, don't let us be confused like this! We're left hanging on a thread here, they changed their mind as often as the wind blows. The same goes for the ever changing curriculum.

To top it up, tomorrow's exams are P.E., French and Civil Education (PPKN). Especially for PPKN, it's going to cover for three years worth of materials.

I'm pooped. Studying for these two months... And oh the looming shadow of the upcoming national exams...

*Sigh* Gotta go and collect more materials about sports for P.E. exam tomorrow.
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Yesterday my book orders arrived. Two packages, one was "Mustang Hitam" (2 books) and the other was "Raja Minyak" (3 books).
There's only one left, "Menuju Daerah Silver Lion". All are Karl May's writings and published by Pradnya Paramita.

List of things/events in this week:
My third try out's results were great.
I bought four books of Brisingr with a special discount (three of them are my friends').
Began blogging in BukuKita Blog (especially about Karl May).
Ordered Karl May's books (Mustang Hitam, Raja Minyak & Menuju Daerah Silver Lion).
What!? Bta on Monday (Nyepi Holiday).
Two of my book packages arrived.
Finished The Mysterious Benedict Society and began reading Raja Minyak.

Agh.. I'm too lazy to write, my eyelids are heavy. I need to sleep.
Sorry, 'm going to keep it short.. going to sleep.
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